Free WiFi Hotspot 3.6.2

Turn your own laptop into a free wifi hotspot that can be used by other devices

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    Internet Utilities

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    Windows 7 / Windows 2003 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows 8

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    6.5 (26)

Free WiFi Hotspot transforms a computer into a wireless hotspot in seconds. These days, people expect to be connected to the Internet at all times. Connecting every device on hand to the Web can prove challenging in certain situations, though. This particular computer software provides users with a simple solution that works more often than not. For that reason, Free Wifi Hotspot is a recommended downloaded for anyone.

How does it work?

When a user starts Free Wifi Hotspot, they're presented with a small window containing a handful of fields. To get started, users enter in a hotspot name and accompanying password. A quick click on the Start button will start the broadcast of that computer's Internet connection, whether it comes from a wired or wireless source. Certain settings can be tweaked, but Free Wifi Hotspot is quite the simple program.

When Using The Program Makes Sense

Free Wifi Hotspot can prove useful in various situations. For instance, not all homes or businesses feature a wireless router. Many of these locations still depend upon a wired Ethernet connection. A wired computer can take that connection and broadcast it in wireless form through the program. At that point, any number of devices can connect to the Internet with the hotspot name and password.

For computers connected via wireless, the program may prove much less useful. Utilizing Free Wifi Hotspot to broadcast an already wireless connection is somewhat redundant.

The Positives

In most cases, Free Wifi Hotspot works like a charm. Users will be able to connect to the program's broadcasted connection in seconds. Extra menus within the program provide information on the connection and its current performance. Thanks to a simple interface, Free Wifi Hotspot starts and launches without a hassle. Every user will understand how the program works after trying it out for a few minutes.

The Negatives

Some users have reported issues with getting the program to run properly. A usable connection won't always be broadcast, depending upon the hardware and Internet connection. Plus, Free Wifi Hotspot lacks certain features power users consider vital. The program's simplicity may seem like a downside to such users. Minor bugs and issues during use can hamper the experience while using the program as well.


Free Wifi Hotspot is simple yet effective at turning a computer into a wireless hotspot. An existing Internet connection is required to get the program to work. In the end, most users will find themselves satisfied with the results. They'll be able to connect multiple devices to the created network. Everything should work as intended a majority of the time, which can't be said of many similar programs available for PCs.


  • Simple program that serves a vital purpose.
  • Turns a computer into a router; no extra hardware required.


  • Program may prove too simple for power users.
  • Sometimes the program fails to work as intended.

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